Navjeevan Vihar RRR Centre

Reduce Reuse Recycle Centre

Navjeevan Vihar

A collaborative effort between the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, South Zone, Navjiwan RWA, Why Waste Wednesdays Foundation, Innerwheel Club Delhi South, NSS-College of Vocational Studies, neighboring RWAs, 21 Century Polymers, Econscious, and Enveave. This initiative stands as a shining example of dedicated community action that's making a real difference in our society.

At the heart of the RRR Centre's mission is an unwavering commitment to managing waste and at the same time community well-being. Items that are spare or discarded are collected from residents of Navjeevan Vihar and neighboring colonies. These pre-loved items lokes clothes, footwear, furniture, utensils, toys, books, stationary, paintings, newspapers etc are collected here. The linkages have been established with various NGOs to which these items are donated.

Recent initiatives have resulted in the collection of over ten tons of dry ration, biscuits, beverages, pre-loved clothing, footwear, mattresses, bedding, toys, books, stationary, and sanitary pads from the residents of Navjeevan Vihar and surrounding neighborhoods. These items have been a source of relief for those who are lesser privileged or affected by floods. In times of crisis, the RRR Centre showcases true solidarity and compassion.

Expanding their reach, the center operates the “RRR on Wheels,” a hired vehicle that extends their efforts to neighboring colonies, making participation in their noble cause even more accessible.

The RRR Centre's impact goes beyond the act of donation. With a focus on sustainability, it encourages residents to refill detergent, dishwash, handwash, and more, thereby minimizing unnecessary packaging waste. They also advocate for the use of compost and Vikalp Cloth bags as eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics. In a creative and empowering move, the center engages women in livelihood activities, teaching them to craft envelopes from donated newspapers, thus promoting women's empowerment and upcycling.

Addressing critical environmental issues, the RRR Centre actively collects plastic waste and electronic materials. To incentivize participation, they offer Vikalp cloth bags in exchange for these discarded items. The collected plastic and electronic waste is responsibly routed to recycling facilities, alleviating the strain on landfill sites.

The Navjeevan Vihar RRR Centre serves as a beacon of inspiration, motivating others to take similar steps towards creating a better world. Let's join hands, lend our support to their noble endeavors, and collectively make a lasting impact on our community and the environment.

Remember, what you consider trash can be a treasure for someone else. The Navjeevan Vihar RRR Centre is dedicated to making the best use of it.